“I met Jules when I embarked on a Women in Business Mentor Program. I was very fortunate to have Jules as my mentor, as she was the very person we needed to empower us in assessing our future goals in the form of a well structured business plan. As we are in the early years of establishing our interior design business, we are very much in the growth spurt period, where we have very little time to sit back and think of our future. Yet to make our future materialize we need to have a plan. Jules was excellent in managing this project to ensure it was completed within the specified time frame – a real results coach!

We have since drawn on Jules business expertise to streamline our accounting system with the introduction of Xero. Again Jules has been invaluable to us in ensuring the system is up and running to suit our business requirements. We can now easily evaluate our financial position in specified areas relevant to our business. Going forward, with our business plan and systems fined tuned, we feel confident in making the right decisions for our business. Thank you Jules!.” Cotter & Jewell Interiors

“Jules has been an invaluable ally in launching the Australian branch of our international design consulting business. Not only has she set up and managed our accounts here, she has guided us through Australian tax systems, insurances, and other administrative realms.  This has saved us time, reduced our risks, and allowed me to focus on growing our business.”  Paul Stoller, Atelier 10 

“Jules has amazing drive and determination with a very clear sense of which business methodologies work best for specific circumstances. She is a true generalist who has experienced most aspects of running a small business and I would not hesitate to recommend her work.” Kay Richardson, Children’s Food Education Foundation.

“Jules has been helping us run our business almost since its inception, 4 years ago. Since that time our business has doubled and we could never have achieved this without the help of Jules. Her expertise and perfection in her work have helped our business to run smoothly and efficiently. She gives us the piece of mind we need to confidently focus on operations while she manages the books. That she always has a huge smile and is such a joy to work with is a massive bonus. Jules can actually bring laughter and fun to doing BAS and PAYG. I highly recommend her!!!” Suzy Turnbull, Traccorp Pty Ltd

“Jules was a great inspiration to me as I watched her start up Christopher Howard Events in Europe, drawing in resources and people to triple the size of the introductory events which fed the sales funnel. She built a strong foundation for the continued growth and diversification of the company in a very short time and it was a pleasure to work with her and to be chosen to support Chris Howard and his fellow speakers.” Rhian Pamphilon, Career Safari UK.

“Jules is very helpful and extremely knowledgable. She has helped out enormously with our business and I am very grateful for her sound advice and assistance. I do highly recommend Jules to any company or individual that requires help in strategic planning or reviewing their existing business processes.” Jemma Prittie, Great Expectations, UK 

“Jules is a highly capable woman with a passionate focus on strategic planning within business. She is sharp and highly skillful, combined with a true love of people and culture.” Rachel Bourke, Sales Space

“Jules is a great communicator and business coach and she very quickly identifies the cracks and faults in your business that you may not have identified during your daily busy-ness. She sees the flaws and weaknesses that others can’t or choose not to – it comes naturally to her! She identifies the 10% that you don’t, or could never do, or wouldn’t want to. Jules spots the difference that makes the difference. Some might call it pessimism; those that engage her call it priceless value with proof in the bottom line sustainable results. Maybe your business has grown so quickly you barely recognise it, know it needs to change, but keep ploughing on as you always have because that’s ‘what you know’? Maybe you simply don’t have the experience or knowledge or desire, or dare we say, courage to know the next best step…and act on it? Jules operates with straight talking, expertise, compassion and above all integrity. The results are specific and forward planning for you to act on. Any business would do wisely to invest in her.”  UK Client